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What is the

GSCC Special Events &

Media Team?

The GSCC Special Events & Media Team has proven to be one of the most popular co-curricular initiatives at Good Samaritan Catholic College. It provides many experiences and opportunities that offers a learning base for digital technology and digital media. The initiative also links creativity; such as acting, singing, dancing, public speaking and reporting. The team's commitment and pursuit in strengthening their own individual talents is what makes this co-curricular initiative one of the most unique and diverse opportunities for our students.

What is the Media Team

Our Aim...

The Special Events & Media Team is a progressive College co-curricular initiative that aims to provide innovative opportunities to celebrate the wonderful talents of our students. We connect our community with the latest achievements and events of Good Samaritan Catholic College through our website, along with our Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds that are continually updated.


GSCC Yearbook

Access the College Yearbook by clicking on the last year that you attended the College. Each year will include the Yearbooks from the previous years.


Find the latest videos from the GSCC Special Events & Media Team.