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Sydney Catholic Schools provide reasonable adjustments to assist and support students with disability to successfully engage in learning. Students with complex intellectual and developmental disabilities may benefit from a highly personalised program, smaller class size and the additional support provided in a Specialist Support Class located within a mainstream school setting.

The Good Samaritan Specialist Support Class is suitable for students with moderate intellectual and complex disabilities. Students enrolled in these classes will benefit from highly skilled Special Education teachers, contemporary technology and quality resources whilst being active and valued members of our school community.

Whilst literacy, numeracy and living skills are the main focus, students engage with NESA approved Life Skills courses in Mathematics; English; Science; Creative and Practical Arts; Physical Education, Health and Personal Development; Religion; History; Geography, Languages and Technology. Students remain in their classroom for all of their subjects and have many opportunities to integrate with their grade cohort such as during lunch and recess, Thursday sport, assemblies, pastoral care and liturgical celebrations.


悉尼天主教學校提供合理的調整,以幫助和支持殘疾學生成功地參與學習。有復雜智力和發育障礙的學生可能會受益於高度個性化的計劃、較小的班級規模以及位於主流學校環境中的 SCS 專家支持班級提供的額外支持。

2022 年,Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook 將招收 7 年級和 8 年級有中度智力和復雜殘疾的學生。註冊這些課程的學生將受益於高技能的特殊教育教師、當代技術和優質資源,同時成為積極和重要的成員我們的學校社區。

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